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The key issue which makes people unite is a joint idea. Combined with strength, ambition and belief it can eliminate boarders, destroy barriers and break stereotypes. The team of our agency has grouped up at "Bright-Date" Agency with joint idea to make people from different countries meet. For us it is not just business. People whose aim is to make money only choose another spheres deprived of feelings and emotions. This is completely opposite to our marriage agency work. Our team consists of not only professional translators, interpreters, managers, but we are also a little of psychologists. Experience has taught us to be sympathetic to human feelings and emotions. We are able to match people and give personal advice. "Bright-Date" agency is a fruit of our hard work, patience and incorrigible romanticism.

What makes us different and exclusive from other agencies are two main principles: honesty and individual approach to every client. The first principle is easy to check. We have been working since 2006 and have proved ourselves as a reliable company. With the use of modern technologies you can verify the trustworthiness of our words by yourself. The other principle is based on getting to know client's world, his wishes and expectations without interfering in his private, personal life. We are first of all listeners! It is important not to get over the limits, maintain a necessary distance but at the same time makes a client feel at ease and relaxed.
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